Monday, October 31, 2016

Be DOT Compliant with Proper VIN Sticker

Be DOT Compliant with Proper VIN Sticker

Something as simple as not having a VIN sticker or having a DOT compliant VIN sticker can get your truck parked.  In some states it can actually get your car parked or even worse, it can get it towed.  Where can you turn when this happens (better yet, before it happens)?  Get hold of us at Vehicle VIN Stickers.  You can call or text us at (317) 697-7728.  You can email us at or visit our website at 
We can get you DOT compliant VIN stickers right away.

dot compliant vin decals
We not only handle American VIN stickers, we also do Canadian, Australian and about every other country. 

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